Problem Solving

When you’re looking after a child with Hunter syndrome, life can probably feel challenging at times.

You can’t always make problems go away. Or you can help manage a problem or provide support. You can also better understand a problem, break it down into different parts and see if some of those parts are solvable, so it becomes easier to live with. Addressing a problem in a step-by-step way can help you feel more in control.5 The activity below supports you to do this.

This technique gives you steps to help you work through a situation and come up with a plan to manage it. It involves:

  • Understanding what the problem is
  • Thinking of solutions
  • Choosing a solution
  • Putting it into action

If you feel stuck, it can help to talk through the steps with someone else.

They might help you come up with ideas you haven’t thought of. Sometimes other’s perspectives can help us see from a different angle, and even just talking about it can help us hear ourselves and come up with new ideas. You could go through this activity with a nurse, a family member, or a friend. You can grab a pen and note the steps down on a piece of paper or print out the activity sheet.

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